tomorrow will be (exhibition)

Saturday 12. 09. 16:30


Guided tour: 12.9. 2 pm
Exhibition: 12.9. 4:30 pm – 8 pm

In case you are interested in a tour of the exhibition during the Festival Cinematik, it is necessary to arrange the time of your visit at dnesje.zajtrabude@gmail.com.

The exhibition Tomorrow Will Be is a continuation of the activities of the art project, which was created last year as an open and fluent platform for art and its borderline positions in the ARTA building on Kollárova Street in Piešťany. The full name of the project Today is. Tomorrow will be is derived from a sign found after the former tenants of the building, which changed the context of its operation several times throughout history. It literally defines the concept of work in an unestablished cultural environment and describes the state, in which (not only) the current ARTA finds itself. It is being transformed from the original confectionery factory ARTA into a cultural and creative centre. However, the behind-the-scenes process of establishing culture is often hidden from the public eye and the work that is necessary for its functioning remains invisible to the outside world. The ambition of the project is to make this process visible and thus strengthen the relationship to contemporary culture.
This year’s exhibition thematically develops multiple layers of the art project. It explores the history of the place and foreshadows the future direction of the emerging ARTA, which contemporary visual artists are responding to.