Accreditations, Tickets, Pre-sale


With the accreditation, the visitor is allowed to enter all the film screenings and accompanying events during the festival


The ticket is generic, not sold for a specific movie. It allows the visitor to enter one film screening of their choice.


First come, first… sit!

Reservation for a specific movie is not possible. Accreditations nor tickets are priority. All screenings are open seating, which means you can choose whatever seat you prefer.

Pricing – Pre-sale

Accreditationbasic20 €
discounted for ISIC, ITIC, EURO<2 cardholdersrs16 €

Or purchase via Inviton

Pricing – On-site

Accreditationbasic26 €
discounted for ISIC, ITIC, EURO<2 cardholders22 €
discounted for ASFK film club cardholders (available on-site only)22 €
discounted for disability cardholders* (available on-site only)14 €
Ticket for one film screening** (available on-site only)4 €

*In case of disability with guide cardholders, the discount applies also for the guide. That means, the guide can also buy an accreditation for 14 €, however, they have to come to the accreditation center together.

**The ticket is general, not sold for a specific movie. Reservation for a specific movie or seat is not possible. There is open seating, the ticket is not a warranty of free seats. We recommend to come to the cinema in advance, to find a place.

Accreditation center
Dom umenia (House of Arts)
Nábrežie Ivana Krasku 1
921 01 Piešťany, Slovakia

Opening hours
September 10 – 12-8pm
September 11-15 – 10:30am-8pm