Dj Vaso & Dj World In My Eyes

DJ Vaso

Do you want to enjoy great electronic music? On Wednesday, September 15, apart from other DJs, you will also be entertained by DJ Vaso, for whom music is a strong doping. From an early age, he has been mixing many different styles but he ended up with House and Drum & Bass. You could have heard his sets for example at Sundeck. We think that’s all you need, just come and have fun with us even in the middle
of the week.

Dj World In My Eyes

His sound is influenced by the idea of life in far-away and nearby cities from all around the world and is created by combining different genres of dance music and anything that can be played on the dance floor. His musical range spreads into a wide musical continuum influenced by everything from soul, jazz, funk, house music, techno through African rhythms to less explored corners of electronic music. He explores the sound of the 70’s and 80’s that shaped the music of the city, exotic places all the way to contemporary sound compositions. World in my eyes opens the door to an eclectic journey across the world through dark cavernous clubs, cities shrouded by night, beaches bathed in golden rays all the way to endless sunsets. He combines sensual and passionate linear aesthetics with playful rhythms and thus synthesizes abstract stories that bring new consciousness to the dance floor. Join the search for ranscendental vibrations, towards
musical Eden.

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