Cult & Beyond: Kids Are Not Alright

Having kids and being them is both a blessing and a curse. What if the societal expectations of bringing children into the world, placed on women for centuries, differ from what they really want and desire? Are little orphans who are being hunted by a fanatical preacher obsessed with a love/hate story able to fend for themselves in a cruel adult world? What if behind rebellious behavior of a teenage boy from a good family is not puberty, but a transformation far more horrifying? What if a teenage girl lives in a small town, every day struggles with prejudice, bullying, and parental neglect, and one day a serial killer shows up and becomes her only soulmate? What does the future hold for the little boy who wanders the endless underground corridors of a post-apocalyptic nightmare? Children are the future, but to get there isn't always a carefree walk.

Dedicated to our dear colleague Andrea, who has decided to walk that walk.

  • 2551.01 “The Kid”

    2551.01 “The Kid”

    AT, 2021, 65 min.; bez dialógov / no dialogues

    Director: Norbert Pfaffenbichler

    A punk rock homage to silent cinema. The first instalment in the intended “dystopic slapstick film” trilogy is set in an underground world of passageways, sewers, bunkers, and dark cellars. The world without windows, without daylight, without hope. Literally everyone…

  • 2551.02 “The Orgy of the Damned”

    2551.02 “The Orgy of the Damned”

    AT, 2023, 82 min.; bez dialógov / no dialogues

    Director: Norbert Pfaffenbichler

    The second instalment in the intended “dystopic slapstick film” trilogy is set in the very same nightmarish world as “The Kid”, in fact it directly follows the story of an abandoned child saved by an Ape Man—a man in a…

  • Piggy


    ES/FR, 2022, 90 min.; es / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Carlota Pereda

    Sara is the local butcher’s daughter constantly bullied by her peers, neglected by her family. Being a teen in a small village means you cannot hide. Lonely, insecure Sara spends her summer playing with her phone, helping her father in…

  • Wolfkin


    LU, 2022, 90 min.; fr, lu / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Jacques Molitor

    Elaine, a single mother, is raising her son, Martin, who shows strange and uncontrollable behavior. When the boy bites one of his classmates, Elaine, desperate for answers, takes him to see his paternal grandparents. But there she discovers the true…

  • The Night of the Hunter

    The Night of the Hunter

    US, 1955, 92 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Charles Laughton

    A tall handsome “preacher”—his knuckles eerily tattooed with LOVE and HATE—roams the countryside, spreading the gospel… and leaving a trail of murdered women in his wake. To Reverend Harry Powell, the work of the Lord has more to do with…

  • The Bone Woman


    PE/MX, 2022, 93 min.; es / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Michelle Garza Cervera

    Valeria and her husband Raul’s dream have finally come true: Valeria is pregnant. At first, everything seems perfect. Gradually, though, her mood darkens. With motherhood upon her, Valeria can’t shake off heavy self-doubt and a pervasive dread stemming from horrible…