Saturday 14. 09.

  • Thursday 14. 09. 14:00

    Cinematik Bar

    In touch with culture with Tomáš Bartoněk

    Diskusia, 60 min.

    A special edition of the daily program of Radio Devín live in front of the House of Arts in Piešťany. Host Tomáš Bartoněk will welcome to the festival studio Peter Konečný and other guests, with whom they will look into…

  • Thursday 14. 09. 15:00

    Cinematik Bar

    Radio Slovakia – Afternoon broadcast of Radio Slovakia

    Diskusia, 60 min.

    With the hosts of Radio Slovakia about films and the Cinematik Film Festival straight from the event. Live broadcast of Radio Slovakia.

  • Thursday 14. 09. 16:00

    Cinematik Bar

    Radio Devín In touch with culture at Cinematik with Mariana Jaremková

    Diskusia, 90 min.

    A discussion with the directors about film as material for historical research, film as an archive, and film as memory. The discussants will focus on subtopics such as the creation of film memory, storytelling with images, subject versus object in…

  • Thursday 14. 09. 23:00

    Cinematik Bar

    DJ DKO

    DJ set, 120 min.

    DKO is a DJ and Producer who comes from Martin, but has currently been working in Bratislava for a long time. His primary genres are HOUSE/TECHHOUSE/TECHNO, which he regularly plays in clubs and festivals all over Slovakia. Among the most…

  • Thursday 14. 09. 20:30




    UA/DE/PL/SK, 2023, 117 min.; ua, ru / sk tit

    Director: Maryna Vroda

    The feature film Stepne was co-produced in Slovakia and tells the story of a few days in the life of a man who comes to a small Ukrainian village to take care of his dying mother. Once respected by his…

  • Thursday 14. 09. 20:30




    FI/UK, 2022, 91 min.; en, fi / cz tit

    Director: Jalmari Helander

    At the end of World War II, a lone gold prospector (Jorma Tommila) finds a rich vein of gold in the wilderness of Lapland in northern Finland. When he travels to the nearest town with the find, he encounters a…

  • Thursday 14. 09. 23:00

    House of Arts


    La Chimera

    IT/FR/CH, 2023, 130 min.; it, en / cz tit

    Director: Alice Rohrwacher

    The adventurous, magical realism-influenced original work invites you to the environment of the black market with archaeological artifacts. Arthur, played by Josh O’Connor, nicknamed the Englishman, is a member of the Italian tombaroli gang of grave robbers. Together with others,…

  • Wolfkin


    LU, 2022, 90 min.; fr, lu / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Jacques Molitor

    Elaine, a single mother, is raising her son, Martin, who shows strange and uncontrollable behavior. When the boy bites one of his classmates, Elaine, desperate for answers, takes him to see his paternal grandparents. But there she discovers the true…

  • Little Joe

    Little Joe

    AT/GB/DE/FR, 2019, 101 min.; en / cz tit

    Director: Jessica Hausner

    Scientist Alice has developed a plant that is supposed to bring happiness to people. When she gives one to her son Joe, the reality turns out to be much scarier.

  • Thursday 14. 09. 17:00

    Fontána Cinema

    The Truth Is All There Is

    Pravda je to najdôležitejšie

    SK, 2023, 81 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Maroš Brázda

    Eduard Grečner. Film director, dramaturge, publicist and poet. A talented filmmaker with precise artistic goals which, due to circumstances and the times, he was not always able to realise. Reflections on the ideological and aesthetic starting points he consecutively followed…

  • Afire

    Roter Himmel

    DE, 2023, 103 min.; de / cz tit

    Director: Christian Petzold

    Leon and Felix‘s plan was to spend the summer together in a holiday home on the Baltic coast. They wanted to be there as friends but also to work—one on his second book, the other assembling his art portfolio. But…

  • Thursday 14. 09. 17:00




    HU/SK/CZ, 2023, 88 min.; hu, sk, cz, en / en sub

    Director: Mátyás Prikler

    The feature-length film Power is the second feature film directed by Mátyás Prikler. It deals with the theme of power and powerlessness in contemporary society. A hunting accident in which a man dies is the beginning of a story that…