Poland Magnified

The films selected for the Cinematik section Poland Magnified are characterized by a daring artistic vision and are far from mediocre commercial production. As a set, they show various strategies of vibrant new European cinema that dares to free itself from the formulas of Hollywood film- making as well as from the grandeur of the auteur cinema of the past.

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Of Animal and Human

As main characters, you will see specific animals and their experiences, also how they cope with human presence. Whether they live close to people or completely by themselves, they are influenced by human action—and it is time for us to try to look at the world through their eyes.

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Respect: Wojciech Smarzowski

Wojciech Smarzowski is one of the most interesting and important contemporary Polish film, television and theatre authors. Smarzowski makes films that accurately and relentlessly hit the neuralgic points of the history and the present of the Polish society; his films provoke excited applause as well as storms of discontent.
In the section Respect, we will show in chronological order all seven films that Smarzowski made for cinemas and so we will give our viewers a unique opportu- nity to watch the continuity and development of his artistic work.

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Cinematik.doc is a competition of Slovak documentary feature films that premiered during the period of one year before the festival. The Literary Fund Cinematik.doc Award is awarded at the proposal of the international jury of the IFF Cinematik for Best Director of a Slovak documentary film.

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In the House

Current Slovak cinema premieres, television novelties, but also a film review of students Works from the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica. The Slovak cinematography is extremely lively and Cinematik selects the most interesting documentary and fiction titles.

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Selected films by the artistic director.

“The difference between art and life is that art is more bearable.”
Heraclitus of Ephesus (540-480 BC)

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