Dj Tysker & Dj Gonzo

Dj Tysker

David Nemec alias TYSKER je dvadsaťročný začínajúci DJ a producent z Piešťan. Nie všetko sa uňho vždy točilo okolo hudby. Ešte donedávna sa venoval videoprodukcii a pracoval pre mená ako Tove Lo, Axwell λ Ingrosso, David Nemec aka TYSKER is a 20-year-old rising DJ and producer from Piešťany. Not everything in his life has always revolved around music. Until recently, he devoted himself to video production and worked for names such as Tove Lo, Axwell λ Ingrosso, Maurice West and Celeste Buckingham. He wants to use these experiences, which are strongly connected with the music sphere, and create a world-class audiovisual show, despite his handicap of being a “newbie”. At the end of 2019, he founded a brand called My Generation. He hasn‘t been DJ-ing on a professional level for long, but in such a short time he has been given the opportunity to perform at several Slovak festivals, such as Edmania or Vibe Festival, but we cannot forget to mention his many lounge performances either.

Dj Gonzo

An ardent fan of music of various genres. As a DJ he started at Cinematik. He focuses on music genres such as nu jazz, Latin, broken beat, dub, hip hop, funk and others. Since 2010, he has been regularly playing in Nu Spirit and gradually in other clubs in Bratislava as well.

Dj sets