Lokal Pop-up & Vinyl Market

Made in ARTA

Local sellers, the ground floor of the driving school,

ARTA is home to many interesting people who have dedicated their work lives to creativity. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and visit our pop-up store with goods from local creators. Here you will find upcycled but also completely new timeless pieces from the Lub.kin tailor workshop, uniquely colorful and detailed books from the MONOKEL publishing house, or products from the ceramic studio.

Vinyl and Book Market

Market, atrium,

Current and past vinyls, from Queen and R.E.M. to Marika Gombitová, but also high-quality older literature. Discuss with the sellers why Duchoň was better
than Gott, or why everyone is suddenly buying Kate Bush and Metallica albums.

Burza, 360 min.