DJ Bali G

Having lived for years at the centre of a vibrant Scottish and Dutch club scenes, Bali G had his musical aesthetic formed by venues with rich history such as Glasgow’sSubclub, La Cheetah or Berkley Suite, and Amsterdam’s De School, while also being influenced by slightly more experimental Eastern European musical upbringing. Amsterdam offered a nurturing environment with its eclectic record store culture, inviting deep into Brazilian and Balearic rhythms, and vintage House music. During nights he worked shifts as a bartender at a revered dance music venue Shelter, often ending up at afterparties in Loft, exchanging songs and dancing till early afternoon. Following a masters degree in Sound Design at Edinburgh Uni, he decided to relocate to his hometown of Bratislava and bring back the music and sounds acquired during the past 7 years he spent abroad. Drawing in audience with deep grooves and DJ tools tested by time, Bali fosters an impeccable selection for those who have the ear and appetite for NYC, Detroit and Chicago House classics reminiscent of the infamous times of Paradise Garage. His journey led him through a variety of unconventional performances, such as playing a 5 hour closing party at Cinematic (a week long film festival in the city of Piešťany), or closing the Good Point stage at Grape 2022, one of the largest dance music festivals in Slovakia, playing overtime in both cases until power was switched off. He recently completed a 3 month travel around Brazil, playing in Sao Paulo during carnaval and also doing field recordings of local street artists and picking up sounds for his sound design library.Among artists who inspired him on his journey are namely Tama Sumo, Kerri Chandler, Glenn Underground, Armand Van Helden, Paul Johnson, Octo Octa, Hunee, Palms Trax just to name a few…

DJ set, 120 min.