Shades of Light

Dáša Ferková

The short documentary film tells the story of Viera Karasová, a productive and purposeful middle-aged woman, a pianist who teaches and composes music with perfect hearing. However, she has been blind since birth. Even though she struggles with the burdens associated with her disability, she can transform a shortcoming to her advantage and resolutely clings onto the hope of a partner love, and a bit of an equal place in the “world that can see.” The story points to the importance of life values, determination; it wants to bring closer the world of the blind and their ordinary life with dreams that often seem insignificant to those who can see. It follows Viera’s relationship with her sighted new husband, their desires, and coexistence. Viera, a successful singer and teacher, opens her world to us with all its shades.

SK, 2023, 26 min.; sk


Dáša Ferková