Student Films – VŠMU


Magic Moments

Magic Moments; SK, 2017, 20 min., sk / en sub
Director: Martina Buchelová

Parents struggle to earn money, so sisters basically take care of each other alone. Thanks to the bond they have, they might have already won over life’s shit.


43 Years of Bratislava Metro

43 rokov bratislavského metra; SK, 2016, 18 min.; sk
Director: Lucia Kašová

About tunnels in Bratislava transportation systems.



SelFish; SK, 2017, 11 min.; no dialogues
Director: Lukáš Figeľ

Fisherman Augustine is proud of his fish collection. To complete the collection he must catch the last fish that is still missing. For catching the fish he will pay everything he has ever had.



Yours; SK, 2017, 6 min.; no dialogues
Director: Michal Fulier

The film tells a story about a young woman who cannot cope with the death of her husband. By using the virtual reality, she discovers a new way to meet him and live together again. However, the new virtual pleasure becomes both a dependency and a prison for her.


I Want to Believe

I Want to Believe; SK, 2017, 16 min.; sk / en sub
Director: Matúš Ryšan

A group of documentarists portray an enthusiast and his friend, who dedicated their lives to following and mapping Chemtrails and saving humanity. Film is a satire on the current socio-political attitude movements rising all around Europe as well as in the rest of the world.

SK, 2017; 71 min.; sk / en sub




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