Artistic Director Vladimir Stric and his 5 tips for the festival

29. August 2019

Five must see movies from the festivals Artistic Director Vladimir Stric.

Diamantino / dir. Gabriel Abrantes, Daniel Schmidt

Diamantino is a world famous football star, but he loses his special kick and ends his career in shame. The international icon attempts to find a new meaning for himself and embarks on an insane odyssey during which he confronts himself with neofascism, the refugee crisis, genetic modification and the hunt for the origins of genius.

The Bra / dir. Veit Helmer

Engine driver Nurlan is heading for the last time before his retirement to Baku. On his way around the local neighborhoods, his train pulls a blue bra out of a clothesline. To escape solitude, Nurlan embarks on the most adventurous journey of his life – to find the owner of this piece of lingerie.

I Love My Mum / dir. Alberto Sciamma

This road movie follows the story of a mother and son duo. After a car accident Ron and Olga are accidentally loaded in a shipping container on a journey from London to Morocco. Without money and documents – and still in their pajamas – they undertake an adventurous journey through Spain and France to get back home and rebuild their shaky relationship.

The Men’s Room / dir. Petter Sommer, Jo Vemund Svendsen

Every Tuesday, 25 middle-aged tattooed men take a break from their daily lives. They leave their women and children to meet, drink beer, make bad jokes and sing obscene rock songs. Brotherhood means everything to them. They even promised (jokingly) to sing to each other at their funerals. One day, however, one of them confesses that he has little time left. They realize how fragile life is and agree on their biggest and most absurd gig – being the opener at a Black Sabbath concert. They only hope that everyone will live long enogh to witness this.

Late Night / dir. Nisha Ganatra

When a host of a night talk show hires her first and only woman screenwriter, her world turns upside down. The original intention to alleviate the consequences of questions of being different result in funny moments. Unexpectedly, two women of different cultures and ages are united by love for a sharp pointe.