Scarred Lands

  • Sunday 18. 09. 17:00

    Cinema Club

    5 Broken Cameras

    5 Broken Cameras

    PS/IL/FR/NL, 2011, 94 min.; he, ar / sk tit

    Director: Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi

    Amateur cameraman Emad Burnat managed to capture in a unique way the several-years-long struggle of his village in the West Bank in Jordan against the colonial effort to seize its territory in favor of illegal construction. A strongly personal film…

  • Saturday 17. 09. 14:00

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    AU, 2018, 54 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Soda Jerk

    According to the Soda Jerk duo, Australia is more Terror than Terra nullius. A film remix made up of more than 170 film, television and news materials, presents Australia as a country that was founded on colonial violence, and where…

  • Friday 16. 09. 20:00

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    PY/AR/MX/US/DE/NL/FR, 2022, 83 min.; gn / cz tit

    Director: Paz Encina

    The word eami in the Ayoreo language, the language of the original population in the territory of today’s Paraguay and Bolivia, means forest. And the world. Eami is also the name of the main character, a girl who is expelled…

  • Thursday 15. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club

    House in the Fields

    Tigmi Nigren

    MA/QA, 2017, 86 min.; zgh / sk tit

    Director: Tala Hadid

    A documentary film recording life in the relatively isolated Amazigh community in the High Atlas region mainly follows two growing-up women, sisters—the older one is to get married and leave for Casablanca at the end of the summer, while the…

  • Wednesday 14. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club

    Landscapes of Resistance

    Pejzaži otpora

    RS/DE/FR, 2020, 90 min.; sh / cz tit

    Director: Marta Popivoda

    Marta Popivoda’s film materializes the memory footprints of an elderly woman, Sonja, who remembers how she became a partisan and joined the anti-Nazi resistance. However, we rarely see her. Instead, we travel through the land where she herself walked 80…