Lost Home

Juraj Mravec ml.

Two paramedics from Bratislava—Matej and Oliver—are part of a big military offensive against the city of Mosul. They advance through the city along with the Iraqi army which is liberating it from the so-called Islamic State. Their role is to rescue lives. However, they are constantly confronted with despair and hopelessness. The film also shows the Yazidi from the already liberated Sinjar. Thus, a contrast is drawn between the people who want to get out of Iraq into safety and the paramedics who, in turn, voluntarily leave their families to help on the frontline.

SK, 2019, 70 min.; sk, arab / sk tit


Juraj Mravec ml.


Juraj Mravec ml.


Juraj Mravec ml.


Peter Morávek