What Did You Do to the Russians?

Michal Fulier, Jana Bučka Kovalčíková

The documentary film captures the everyday reality of the Ukrainian nation and people who are dependent on the help of others in a country at war. Stories about where humanitarian aid from Slovakia ends, and where the daily struggle for life in Ukraine begins. Every week, 5 trucks leave Slovakia for Ukraine with material aid, which, thanks to Father Vitalij, is distributed from Kyiv to the Kharkiv, Odessa and Mykolaiv regions. To places where thousands of displaced people live, but also to places where people live in their destroyed homes. Images of Bucha, Mariupol, and Izium have spread around the world, but there are thousands of such places in Ukraine. A lot of ruins and destroyed lives…

SK, 2023, 90 min.; sk, ua / sk tit


Michal Fulier, Jana Bučka Kovalčíková


Michal Fulier, Jana Bučka Kovalčíková


Michal Fulier


Jana Bučka Kovalčíková


Tomáš Balák


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