The Shift

Jaro Vojtek

Shift depicts the lives of people who have to travel back home after working hard on their week-long work shifts through the fates of three characters—a truck driver, a care-worker in Austria and a group of manual workers. The film reflects their dreams and desires, but also the sacrifices they have to make when their relatives are dependent on their incomes, when they are in foreign cities—in hostels, in the households of other people. What happens to them? What do they dream about? A social probe into the phenomenon of week-long work shifts, where the time spent away from their homes actually destroys what they are working for: their families and relationships with their loved ones.

SK, 2022, 68 min.; sk / en sub


Jaro Vojtek


Marek Leščák, Jaro Vojtek


Tomáš Stanek, Peter Balcár, Norbert Hudec


Peter Harum, Maroš Šlapeta


Michal Nejtek


Mária Rimčuková, Štefan Gondek, Pavol Letkovský, Patrik Jendrál, Vladimír Bocan


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