Anatomy of a Fall

Justine Triet

The suggestive winner of this year’s Cannes Festival is part court drama, a portrait of privacy, an analysis of a crumbling marriage, and a story of coming-of-age difficulties. The charismatic German actress Sandra Hüller portrays in the film a writer accused of murdering her husband. The key character of the story is their son. As the only witness to the event, he faces a moral dilemma. Director Justine Triet opens up a number of questions with formal procedures that are the opposite of Hollywood dramatization of court dramas. A distressing audiovisual work and a captivating cinematic experience.

FR, 2023, 150 min.; fr, en, de / cz tit


Justine Triet


Arthur Harari, Justine Triet


Simon Beaufils


Laurent Sénéchal


Sandra Hüller, Swann Arlaud, Milo Machado Graner, Samuel Theis


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