Midnight section Cult and Beyond has a wild theme – Kids are Not Alright

11. July 2023

Having children and being children is both a blessing and a curse. What if the expectations of bringing children into the world, which society has placed on women since the beginning, differ from what she really wants and desires in life? Are little orphans who become the object of persecution by a fanatical preacher obsessed with a love-hate story able to fend for themselves in a cruel adult world?

What if behind the rebellious behavior of a teenage boy from a good family is not puberty, but a transformation far more frightening? What if a teenage girl lives in a small town, struggles daily with prejudice, peer bullying, and parental neglect, and one day a serial killer shows up and becomes her only soulmate?

What does the future hold for the little boy who wanders the endless underground corridors of a post-apocalyptic nightmare? Children are the future, but the road to it isn’t always a carefree stroll.

We’ll be presenting a list of films from across the section soon.