Wednesday 18. 09.

  • Sunday 18. 09. 15:00

    Cinematik Bar

    ŠTB Top Secret – Presentation of the Documentary Series

    Screening of 2 films and discussion

    The twenty-part television documentary series ŠTB: TOP SECRET explores the mechanisms of the State Security Service (ŠtB) and their transformations over time. It reveals the background of secret operations, their perpetrators and the stories of their victims, charting the history…

  • Sunday 18. 09. 20:30


    Somewhere Over the Chemtrails

    Kdyby radši hořelo

    CZ, 2022, 90 min.; cz

    Director: Adam Koloman Rybanský

    The volunteer fire department faces a completely different challenge than any ordinary fire. Somewhere Over the Chemtrails had its world premiere at the prestigious Berlinale International Film Festival. The inhabitants of a Czech village are preparing for Easter, the fair…

  • Sunday 18. 09. 17:00

    Cinema Club

    5 Broken Cameras

    5 Broken Cameras

    PS/IL/FR/NL, 2011, 94 min.; he, ar / sk tit

    Director: Emad Burnat, Guy Davidi

    Amateur cameraman Emad Burnat managed to capture in a unique way the several-years-long struggle of his village in the West Bank in Jordan against the colonial effort to seize its territory in favor of illegal construction. A strongly personal film…

  • Utama


    BO/UY/FR, 2022, 87 min.; qu, es / cz tit

    Director: Alejandro Loayza Grisi

    Bolivian director Alejandro Loayza Grisi’s debut film invites us to the arid South American semi-desert to visit an ageing Quechua couple whose lifestyle is changing unstoppably due to climate change. But an unusually long drought confronts Virginio and Sisa with…

  • Sunday 18. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club

    Returning to Reims (Fragments)

    Retour à Reims (Fragments)

    FR, 2021, 83 min.; fr / sk tit

    Director: Jean-Gabriel Périot

    Through the text of Didier Eribon interpreted by Adèle Haenel, the film tells in archives an intimate and political story of the French working class from the beginning of the 1950s to today.

  • Light at the End of the Day

    Svetlo na konci dňa

    SK, 2021, 60 min.; sk

    Director: Alena Čermáková

    A film about Rudolf Dobiáš, the Slovak Solzhenitsyn, who was in 1953 sentenced to eighteen years in prison for a single caricature. The documentary captures his life story, the story of a political prisoner in the 1950s. Perhaps there are…

  • Great Freedom

    Große Freiheit

    AT/DE, 2021, 116 min.; de, en / sk tit

    Director: Sebastian Meise

    In post-war Germany, liberation by the Allies does not mean freedom for everyone. Hans is repeatedly imprisoned under Paragraph 175, which criminalizes homosexuality. Over the decades, he develops an unlikely bond with his cellmate Viktor. The…

  • To the Moon

    To the Moon

    US, 2021, 83 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Scott Friend

    Dennis and Mia are a young married city couple. They have come to their remote parents’ house in the country for a weekend to take a break from the madding crowd. To reflect on the serious problems they face individually…

  • Beanie


    SI/LU/SK/HR, 2022, 85 min.; cz

    Director: Slobodan Maksimović

    In the middle of Christmas night, a boy who has nothing and a girl who has seemingly everything embark on an adventurous journey on the trail of a fake Santa. That night, all their wishes come true, but not quite…

  • Sunday 18. 09. 19:00

    House of Arts



    SK, 2022, 100 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Ivo Trajkov

    A story of a young woman, Juliši, who marries the son of the richest landowner in the village, but does not resist her father-in-law’s violent seduction and inadvertently finds herself in the middle of a rough love triangle. The ballad…

  • Wednesday 01. 09. 20:00

    Open Air Cinema

    Tata Bojs

    Concert / Entry 20 € (gate)

    Tata Bojs is an alternative music group from Prague, the Czech Republic. It was formed in 1988 and has already won several Golden Angel Awards. Mardoša and Milan Cais are the founding members and the other permanent members of the…