To Die Like a Man

João Pedro Rodrigues

To Die Like a Man is a melodramatic story of Tonia—a middle-aged transsexual woman, who watches the world around her crumble. Her status of a drag show star is threatened by younger women, her boyfriend Rosário pressures her to finally undergo the sex change operation, even though he knows she will always be a man in front of God, and her son whom she abandoned when he was a child, returns full of hatred.

PT/FR, 2009, 133 min.; pt / en sub / sk tit


João Pedro Rodrigues


João Pedro Rodrigues, Rui Catalão, João Rui Guerra da Mata


Rui Poças


Rui Mourão, João Pedro Rodrigues


Fernando Santos, Alexander David, Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida, Chandra Malatitch, Jenny Larrue


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