From the Balcony

Ole Giæver

From the Balcony takes you on a journey through one year in the life of Ole and his family, living in Brochmannsgate 12A, Oslo, Norway, Europe, Earth, Universe. What if you would take a break from the rollercoaster called life and just sit and ask yourself: how did I get here? Do you live alone, with a family, or flatmates? In a small village in the countryside or maybe in a big foreign city? Was this the place you were supposed to be by now? And how do you keep going, even if you know that at some point the sun will burn out and everything around you will be gone forever?

NO, 2017; 86 min.; no / en sub / cz tit


Ole Giæver


Ole Giæver


Øystein Mamen


Frida Eggum Michaelsen


Ola Fløttum


Marte Magnusdotter Solem, Ole Giæver


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