12th Cinematik IFF will open with an exclusive Slovak premiere of the first “painted” film in the world

Press Release 15 August 2017

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The twelfth year of Cinematik will open with an actual work of art – a film Loving Vincent directed by Dorothy Kobiel and Hugh Welchman. The film is the first feature the creators have worked on together, as they previously devoted themselves to short films. Its creation was financially supported by the Polish Film Institute. They also trained a group of oil painting artists to make them painters – animators. The film was partially funded through the Kickstarter campaign.

An ambitious film project about the life of a well-known artist, Vincent van Gogh, has been in the works for over six years and contains more than 65,000 frames, painted by over a hundred different artists. The film will be premiered on 22 September in the US and Cinematik visitors will see this extraordinary picture among the first in the world. The film sequences are not created artificially but painted with real oil paintings and later being brought to life on screen. That’s something the viewers have not seen yet. No animation studio has yet attempted anything similar. There is a unique opportunity to see the Slovak premiere of this original project on the big screen in the Dom Umenia in Piešťany.

The film may proudly present itself to be the first “painted” film. No one has ever decided to create a movie by animating oil paintings. The film project aims to explore the complicated life and controversial death of one of the most famous artists in the history. The authors have put everything into the preparation and the maximum quality of their film has been enhanced by pedantic research. They were inspired by the enormous number of van Gogh’s masterpieces, as well as the eight hundred letters of painter’s personal correspondence.

The fascinating film captures the world as Vincent van Gogh saw it. It will be a unique opportunity for the festival visitors to appreciate this great action on the big screen! The characters that co-starred in the tragic destiny of Vincent’s life were dubbed by world-class actors such as Chris O’Dowd, Saoirse Ronan, Jerome Flynn, Helen McCrory, and Aidan Turner. The music in the film was created by Clint Mansell, who frequently collaborates with director Darren Aronofsky.

Loving Vincent won the audience award at the prestigious Annecy International Animated Film Festival and the Best Animated Film Award at IFF Shanghai.

The 12th Cinematik International Film Festival will be held traditionally in Piešťany from 12th to 17th September 2017.
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