The special Cinematik Classics section offers an exceptional combination of titles

10. September 2021

Unconventional connections and the celebration of the centenary of Slovak cinema in a special section Cinematik Classics

The Wild Bunch / dir. Sam Peckinpah

1913: In a few months, the largest war in the history of mankind will break out, changing the whole world forever. The Wild West also began to inevitably change in the era of steam engines. The stagecoach was gradually replaced by the railway, and the first cars began to drive through the wasteland. The lords of the West are no longer bandits, but sheriffs, mayors and generals. The harsh loyalty of the old gunmen will fall victim to men who were only outcast yesterday, but today are murdered in the name of the law. Pike Bishop and his wild gang are preparing for the last move, which should provide everyone with enough money for a peaceful retirement.

Night riders / r. Martin Hollý Jr.

They fought for the same ideals of freedom in the Great War. If they had met in the trenches, they would have been friends today. Edo Halva entered the service of the new republic after the war to protect law and order. Marek Orban returned to his native village to ensure a better life for its inhabitants, for which he needs money. He crosses the border with smuggled horses every night. During the day, both men respect each other, at night they shoot at each other without hesitation. One is wearing a uniform, the other is a smuggler. Each of them fights in the name of his truth.

Paths of Glory / dir. Stanley Kubrick

The front line of the French front, the First World War. The order was clear: to conquer the nearby fortress of Anthill. However, this impossible mission ended in disaster and the command is trying to keep its face. He will randomly select three ordinary soldiers and punish them exemplary. Under the threat of the death penalty, they are imprisoned and tried for cowardice. Their commander, Colonel Dax, a civil lawyer, will defend himself, despite the fact that the fate of the soldiers has long been sealed.


Signum laudis / dir. Martin Hollý Jr.

Eastern Front of the First World War. Austrian Corporal Adalbert Hoferik is a perfect soldier. He also carries out orders at the cost of sacrificing his own lives. After the battle, where all field officers fell, he took command. With his fanatical devotion to the monarchy, he earns resistance from the rank and file as well as from the headquarters. When they get under the Russian siege, Hoferik is assigned a mission to bring the officers to safety. His uncompromising approach to command comes into fatal confrontation with sliding officer morale.