The Other Spaces section will offer exceptional films that map the current festival world

9. September 2021

The Other Spaces section will offer exceptional films that map the current as well as the recent picture of the film festival world. In this section you will find films from Cannes, Berlinale, Venice, Toronto, Telluride, Jihlava and more …

Speech / dir. Laurent Tirard

A playful French comedy starring Adrien. He is 35 years old, crisis of middle age, is neurotic and hypochondriac. He is stuck at an annoying family dinner and his ex-girlfriend does not reply to his SMS. In addition, the future brother-in-law will ask him to make a toast at the wedding. Can this get any worse?

Summer of 85 / dir. François Ozon

What do you dream about when you are 16 and in the 80’s of the last century you are in a seaside resort in Normandy? About best friend? About a lifelong teenage pact? About going on an adventure on a boat or motorcycle? About the killer pace of life? No. You dream of death. Because you will not experience more pleasure than dying. And that’s why you save it to the very end.

There is no evil / dir. Mohammad Rasoulof

Every country that promotes the death penalty needs people to kill other people. The four men are faced with an unimaginable but simple choice. Whatever they decide, they will directly or indirectly disrupt themselves, their relationships and their whole lives. In four thematically connected episodes, Mohammad Rasoulof tells their stories, which are necessarily the stories of people around them.

Teddy / dir. Ludovic Boukherma, Zoran Boukherma

Twenty-year-old Teddy is scratched by an unknown beast in a French rural town. Teddy is slowly going through scary and at the same time comic changes in lycanthropy and adolescence.

Annette / r. Leos Carax

Stand-up comedian Henry falls in love with Ann, the world-famous opera singer. Their lives will be turned upside down when their mysterious daughter Annette is born with an extraordinary gift. The musical of the visionary director Leos Carax with the music of the band Sparks will take the audience on an extraordinary journey full of love, passion and fame.

A New Shift / dir. Jindřich Andrš

Tomáš Hisem has been working all his life, but the changes will push him up to the surface and to the labor market, on which he has never moved before. Tomas decides to become a programmer.

Anomalisa /dir. Charlie Kaufman, Duke Johnson

Michael Stone successfully makes a living as a life motivator. He can give great advice to others, but not himself. He arrives in Cincinnati, where he has to positively motivate the participants of the congress for the employees of the customer lines. He stays in a hotel just like any other hotel he has been in over the years, and undergoes a series of learned rituals. He would probably drive away this crisis, as usual, with booze and sleep, if he did not meet the extremely shy Lisa Hesselman, who is his fan.



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