Sought-after midnight section – Cult & Beyond

10. August 2017

Especially sought out midnight section Beyond the cult, will belong this year to three films by Belgian genre filmmaker Fabrice du Welz.

The first is a dark survival horror Calvaire, full of surprise and violence. The hero of the story is Marc, whose job is musical performances in the retirement homes. One night his car breaks down. Since the car cannot be repaired, he will find the hideout in a remote guesthouse. The horror Vinyan is about a couple looking for their child, who got lost during the tsunami. The young couple is constantly facing the dreaded dangers in the jungle and water traps. The trio of Belgian films completes Alléluia, whose main character is Gloria. The film commences with Gloria leaving her manipulative husband and begins to live alone with her daughter. She tries to find happiness on a dating site.

Within the midnight section, besides the works of Fabrice du Welz, Cinematik will also screen the selection of four films, specially programmed for the festival by the director himself. Henry-Georges Clouzot’s Wages of Fear (Le salaire de la peur) from the 1950s takes place in a South African village where four men are hired to transport a dangerous supply of nitroglycerin. Fabrice du Welz also chose a thriller Hardcore written and directed by Paul Schrader. The main character is a conservative businessman looking for his daughter, who started shooting pornographic movies in California. The drama by Elia Kazan – The Visitors also shows strong story. Bill and Martha live a peaceful life until Bill’s friends from Vietnam war Mike and Tony come for a visit. Questions arise as to what happened in Vietnam and why they showed up out of the blue at the door of their house. The last film the director has chosen is Rapture directed by John Guillermin. The story revolves around the young girl Agnes and her father. The story begins when they become acquainted with the former convict Joseph who comes to their farm in France. When Joseph falls in love with Agnes, her father threatens them by ending their relationship.