Rastislav Steranka, member of the program team, shares his five festival tips

5. September 2021


Depraved, r. Larry Fessenden, USA

Henry is a brilliant surgeon suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder from the war in the Middle East. In battle, he managed to revive a dead comrade. After returning home, he continues to experiment with reviving corpses, which is funded by his former classmate Polidori. Polidori supplies him with fresh corpses. Henry builds parts of the corpse’s bodies into Adam, a homunculus to whom he breathes life. But bringing a “new” person into the world is not enough. Adam develops and learns quickly. He needs patterns.

My 20th Century / The 20th Century századom, r. Ildikó Enyedi, Hungary / Germany / Cuba

The two sisters – twins who grew up separately: Dora, a pseudo-aristocrat, and Lili, an anarchist assassin – meet again thanks to Z, the mysterious passenger of the luxurious Orient-Express.

DAU.Natasha, r. Ilya Khrzhanovskiy, Yekaterina Oertel, Germany / Ukraine / UK / Russia

Nataša operates a canteen designed not only for employees, scientists, but also for visitors to a secret research institute somewhere in the Soviet Union. During the day he distributes food, at night he participates in wild parties, which do not know the class difference or staff classification. Nataša is the first film part of a fascinating multi-genre project that brought together hundreds of volunteers, scientists and artists from 2009 to 2011 to simulate life in the Soviet Union from the late 1930s to the late 1960s.

Low Definition Control – Malfunctions # 0, r. Michael Palm, Austria

Michael Palma’s documentary essay raises a number of questions related to life in the society he monitors and supervises. While watching (as if) images from security cameras, experts from neurologists to media philosophers think about surveillance, data, mechanization of vision, or how images change.

Paths of Glory r. Stanley Kubrick, USA & Signum laudis, r. Martin Hollý, Czechoslovakia

The front line of the French front, the First World War. The order was clear: to conquer the nearby fortress of Anthill. However, this impossible mission ended in disaster and the command is trying to keep its face. He will randomly select three ordinary soldiers and punish them exemplary. Under the threat of the death penalty, they are imprisoned and tried for cowardice. Their commander, Colonel Dax, a civil lawyer, will defend himself, despite the fact that the fate of the soldiers has long been sealed.

Eastern Front of the First World War. Austrian Corporal Adalbert Hoferik is a perfect soldier. He also carries out orders at the cost of sacrificing his own lives. After the battle, where all field officers fell, he took command. With his fanatical devotion to the monarchy, he earns resistance from the rank and file as well as from the headquarters. When they get under the Russian siege, Hoferik is assigned a mission to bring the officers to safety. His uncompromising approach to command comes into fatal confrontation with sliding officer morale.