Masterclass ASK with cameraman Petr Bencsík ASK

30. August 2022

August 30, 2022

Cameraman Peter Bencsík (ASK) will be the guest of the Masterclass organized by the Ask Association of Slovak Cameramen at IFF Cinematik Piešťany. His masterclass will focus on lighting and especially how to make darkness for a black and white film like Piargy.

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Individual sample scenes from the newly completed film are also available for the visitors of the festival, Peter Bencsík will discuss them in detail in an interview with the president of the association, cameraman Lukáš Teren (ASK). The Masterclass will also offer the opportunity to try out unusual grip shots with camera movement.

“The masterclass will be devoted to black and white LUT, lighting, advantages and disadvantages of shooting a black and white historical film, and we will also talk about artistic contrast and also how to light a night black and white shot,” Peter Bencsík described his workshop in more detail. His latest film Piargy (dir. Ivo Trajkov, 2022) has its premiere at the Cinematik festival.

Most recently, he collaborated with director Michal Vajdiček on the TV series On a Ona (2022), with director Ján Novák on two series Nemocnica and Hranica, and worked as a cameraman in the film Známi neznámi (dir. Zuzana Marianková, 2022).

The Association of Slovak Cameramen organizes masterclasses on several attractive topics every year. In 2021, their guests were: Martin Štrba (ASK), Miro Remo (ASK), Martin Žiaran (ASK) and an interesting discussion was also led by Martin Chlpík (ASK) and Maroš Žilinčan (ASK). The event is organized thanks to the financial support of the Audiovisual Fund Slovakia and CANON Slovakia.