Cinematik will offer space for the latest Slovak documentaries and unconventional film perspectives on children

23. July 2023

Cinematik.doc is a film competition of new documentaries by local filmmakers. This year, eight titles will compete. Visitors to Cinematik will be able to see most of them on screen as Slovak or festival premieres.

One of the competing titles will be a portrait of screenwriter, director, essayist and poet Eduard Grečner, which was made by Maroš Brázda under the title The Truth Is All There Is (2023).

Michal Fulier and Jana Bučka Kovalčíková will present What Have You Done to the Russians? (2023), which depicts the humanitarian activities of the non-profit organisation Depaul on the territory of war-torn Ukraine.

Ľubomír Ján Slivka’s Andy Warhol – American Dream (2023) offers a biography of the famous Slovak-born artist. The competition will also feature the latest film by Jara Vojtek, Turnus (2022), which follows the fate of Slovaks travelling abroad for work, or Robert Kirchhoff’s All Men Will Be Brothers (2023), which explores the personality of Alexander Dubček and his impact on the present day.

A Happy Man (2023) is a title from a completely different category: Soňa G. Lutherová traces the gender transition in the context of everyday family life. The film will be presented by Cinematik in its Slovak premiere.

The competitions top eight is rounded off by Territory of Fantasy (2023), in which director Paula Maľárová explores how society’s understanding of war changes in a period of long-term peace. Pavol Barabáš is one of the regular participants in the Cinematik.doc competition. This time, he will bring the film The Grand Canyon (2023), which is his personal memoir of director and river rafter Jožko Černý.