Cinematik will feature debuts and second movies by directors from all around the world

10. August 2017

The upcoming 12th Cinematik International Film Festival in Piešťany will also feature films in a special section titled Eye on Filmsthis year. The platform was initiated by the French company Wide Management, the aim of which is to present first and second feature films by directors from around the world. Currently it has more than 152 partner organizations in over 40 countries, including Cinematik.

The Eye on Films section will feature a unique French film by Fanny Jean-Noël Move! Dance your life. Its protagonists are both professional and amateur dancers, children and old people. A poetic-aesthetic film devoted to dancing was filmed in eighteen different world destinations. The section also features the Swiss-American drama L’instant infini by Douglas Beer, in which young Mary is convinced that she is responsible for the death of her little daughter. In order not to worry about ever-changing menacing memories, she is increasingly focusing on her life. The current presence is impressively captured by the Italian film Sex Cowboys. It is dedicated to present generation of young people who feel lost, out of work, without a place to stay and avoiding the pre-defined lifestyle. The characters address the generational crisis by looking for their place are directed by Adriano Giotti.

In the Eye on Films section we can also find the Taiwanese film The Last Painting, which takes place on the day of Taiwan’s election. Yang Chieh, third year college student is found dead in her rented apartment. Student’s body with her eyes out of sockets which are painted with oil paint. Evidence points to her roommate and friend. The mysterious disappearance of Magdalen tells the Brazilian film Elon Does not Believe to Death. Directed by Ricardo Alves jr., the younger husband of Magdalen, Elon, decides to find out what has happened to his beloved. Elon does not lose his common sense while solving the mystery.