Cinematik is coming and we are pleased by your interest in accreditation

4. September 2019

Premieres of new titles from the world’s filmmaker aces, a competition of ambitious acts from domestic documentary filmmakers, thematic and geographically related reviews of the most interesting, inspiring and successful of what has been brought by (not only ) last years movie production.

The Cinematik International Film Festival is a place where fans of good movies come to gain new experiences and knowledge, but it is also an important venue for meetings, workshops and networking for filmmakers themselves. Again this year there will be no shortage of interesting guests like Portuguese filmmaker João Pedro Rodrigues, Catalan director Alberto Sciamma, Swiss documentary filmmaker Mischa Hedinger, Colombian documentary filmmaker Manuel Correa and others.

The diverse selection of the films presented at Cinematik certainly won’t offend any cinematic tastes and preferences. The festival will show this year 40 films in an exclusive Slovak premiere, and up to 62 of the films in its program have not yet been screened in the Slovak cinema distribution. Among the premieres is also the opening film of the festival Where´d You Go Bernadette, 2019 by Richard Linklater with the Oscar-winning Cate Blanchett. But also, for example, a new staging of Nero and Seneca (2019) produced by RTVS, which will reveal surprisingly timeless and current socio-political discomforts set in the historical scenery of ancient Rome.

His latest film The Ornithologist, 2016 will be personally presented at the festival by João Pedro Rodrigues, and in the Respect section you will be able to see all 5 feature films from his filmography. Those who will want to better understand the environment this remarkable filmmaker comes from should not miss the section Magnified. It will present another eight treasures of the contemporary Portuguese cinematography.

In its midnight section Cult & Beyond, Cinematik will light up on witches in the iconic Suspiria (1977) by Dario Argento, but also in the new movie by Peter Strickland In Fabric (2019). A bit of optimism will be recovered by movies in the positively tuned section Hope. Among them, the very recent Family Romance, LLC (2019) by Werner Herzog.

The new dramaturgical selection To Live is to Forget will present images that bring together the phenomena of collective memory and historical manipulation – for example African Mirror (2019) by Swiss filmmaker Mischa Hedinger. The Paths of Glory section will be a concentrated selection of the world’s most prestigious festivals – it will also include the winners of the most valuable Palms from this year’s Cannes – the Korean comedy Parasite (2019) and the latest work of the Dardenne brothers Young Ahmed (2019).

An integral part of Cinematik are also also its competition sections. In the Meeting Point Europe section, the best European fiction movies of the last year are competing for a trophy. For example, the British autobiographical movie by Joanna Hogg The Souvenir (2019) or the mysterious French drama by Bertrand Bonell Zombi Child (2019). Cinematic.doc is a competition of the highlights of domestic documentary film – for all the titles in the section let us at least mention the film Never Happened (2019) by Barbara Bereznakova, who will have its world premiere at Cinematik. 

The 14th edition of Cinematik International Film Festival will take place from 10th to 15th September 2019 in Piešťany.