10 movies in the section Belgium Magnified

31. July 2017

Cinematik will feature a total of thirteen films by well-known Belgian filmmakers. Despite the fact that we associate Belgium mainly with the Dardenne brothers, the cinema of this country offers many other talented names and films, including an uncompromising drama The Ardennes by Robin Pront about two brothers who are separated by jail time.

Like every year, the focus on contemporary cinema of the selected country – this time Belgium, is specially compiled for Cinematik by a guest programmer – a Belgian film critic Grégory Cavinato.

The selection of films in the Belgium Magnified section paints the picture of contemporary Belgian cinema which is is diverse. The Pieter Van Heese thriller Waste Land will also be presented, the director tells a story of an uncompromising detective – Leo Woeste, solving crimes in Brussels and its gangland. Cinematik will also screen an original horror movie set in a boyscout camp Cub, a new thriller by the directors Hélène Cattet and Bruno Forzani named Let the Corpses Tan, a drama Prejudice with an extraordinary cast, as well as an unforgettable comedy full of colors and absurdities, Lost in Paris. The wide range of genres and themes has been a key to the film selection at Cinematik since its very beginning.

The 12th Cinematik International Film Festival will be held traditionally in Piešťany from 12th to 17th September 2017.

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