Respect 2014: Gustave de Kervern a Benoît Delépine

17. July 2014

This year’s retrospective is dedicated to auteurs and collaborators Gustave de KervernBenoît Delépine, known in Slovakia for their films Louise-Michel or Mammuth.

The directors became instantly famous with their debut Aaltra, a weird road-movie about two disabled guys full of dark humor. With their next films they continued in this line of unconventional plots and formal techniques. Avida (a reference to infamous Salvador Dalí’s nickname) is an absurd comedy about kidnapping of a plump billionaire’s dog by a deaf-mute and two ketamine addicts; Louise-Michel tells a story of laid-off factory workers who decide to take revenge and kill the factory owner; Mammuth is an “Easy Rider” of 60-years old retired man; and Le grand soir is a story of two brothers – a careless punk-rocker and a salesman who has lost everything.