Profile of Helena Třeštíková curated by Peter Kerekes

7. August 2014

Cinematik will present a profile of European Film Award winning director Helena Třeštíková curated by Peter Kerekes. Both filmmakers will have mutual Master Class.

Helena Třeštíková is prolific documentary director known especially for her time-lapse films. Following her protagonists for many years, the method allows her to capture the transformations of characters and society in striking depth.

Třeštíková became famous in 1980s thanks to TV series Mariage Stories in which she had been continuously filming young married couples for 6 years. Later she returned to her protagonists to find out how they continued to live after the first shooting creating sequel Mariage Stories 20 Years Later. The festival will screen 2 episodes from each series so the audience will get to know two family stories in the course of decades.

Cinematik will also present two of the latest Třeštíková films. A Private Universe was in production for 37 years thus creating a private history of an “ordinary” Czech family as paralleled to official history of great names and events. Třeštíková started to shoot in 1970s when the young couple was expecting their first child, she watched the children grow and how the family lived in her “private universe” regardless the political situation.

Vojta Lavička: Up and Down is a portrait of Romany musician, an activist and reporter. Even though Vojta Lavička is a successful person, the film doesn’t omit darker side of his personality and his problem to find his place in and out of the Romany community. This way a more general picture of gypsies in Czech society is gradually put together and we can watch how the situation has been changing for last 16 years.