Premieres of new films by Miro Remo and Jaro Vojtek

31. July 2014

Cinematik is delighted to announce that two highly anticipated Slovak films will premiere at the festival: Children by Jaro Vojtek and Comeback by Miro Remo.

Experienced documentary filmmaker and the winner of the first Cinematik.doc edition Jaro Vojtek made his fiction debut. Together with screenwriter Marek Leščák they follow the tradition of social realism. Children is an omnibus film about complicated relationship between parents and their children in which characters are challenged with long-term separation or with declining health. With documentary precision Vojtek then observes the characters and their behavior.

The world premiere of the film will take place on September 15 after the Closing ceremony.

Few weeks after its premiere at Karlovy Vary IFF Miro Remo’s Comeback will have its Slovak premiere at Cinematik. The film follows two recidivists trapped in a vicious circle of returns from prison to freedom and from freedom back to prison.

Comeback deals with their everyday troubles (behind the bars as well as out of prison) and tries to show the audience what they go through. Even though criminals, they are still human beings with certain needs, feelings and thoughts. At the same time the film is a statement on prison system and its main problem – recidivism.

The film is selected in Cinematik.doc competition along with 8 other feature length documentaries made between September 2013 and September 2014: Danubestory (dir. Vladimír Kampf a Jana Čavojská), Felvidék – Caught in Between (dir. Vladislava Plančíková), The Edge – 4 films about Marek Brezovský (dir. Patrik Lančarič), The Lyricist (dir. Arnold Kojnok), First Slovak Horror (dir. Róbert Slovák), Footprints on the Ridge (dir. Pavol Barabáš), A Group Meeting (dir. Martin Šenc), and All My Children (dir. Ladislav Kaboš).

Cinematik will be also screening another new Miro Remo film Vrbovian Wind about enigmatic musician and founder of a music festival Vrbovské vetry, Braňo Jobus. Cinematik Artistic director Vladimír Štric will present his new film Uprising. Slovakia 1939-1945 made on the occasion of 70th anniversary of Slovak National Uprising.