17. July 2014

Cinematik-2014_Partneri_literarny_fondCinematik.doc is a competition of Slovak full-length documentary films premiered between September 2013 and September 2014. The winning film will be awarded the Cinematik.doc Award and a 500€ Literary Fund grant.

The selection of films is set to show the diversity of the Slovak documentary production. Therefore, among the participants of the competition there are an experienced filmmaker with a record visit rate at cinemas, a young director whose film has not been in distribution yet, as well as authors who “dropped in” to film making from other professions.

One of the positive things is the fact that there are several young directors in the selection. And yet their films show an interesting degree of ingenuity, what indicates that the future of the Slovak documentary production does not have to be bad at all. We can only hope that the authors will continue in their creation what – looking back at the composition of the previous years of the competition – does not seem to be granted.


Films in selection:

  • Comeback (dir. Miro Remo)
  • DanubeStory (dir. Jana Čavojská, Vladimír Kampf)
  • Felvidék – Horná zem / Felvidék – Caught in Between (dir. Vladislava Plančíková)
  • Hrana – 4 filmy o Marekovi Brezovskom / The Edge – 4 Films About Marek Brezovský (dir. Patrik Lančarič)
  • Lyrik / The Lyricist (dir. Arnold Kojnok)
  • Prvý slovenský horor / First Slovak Horror (dir. Róbert Slovák)
  • Stopy na hrebeni / Footprints on the Ridge (dir. Pavol Barabáš)
  • Stretko / A Group Meeting (dir. Martin Šenc)
  • Všetky moje deti / All My Children (dir. Ladislav Kaboš)