The first ad campaign generated by AI in Slovakia beckons the audience to the Cinematik film festival.

15. August 2022

The international film festival Cinematik Piešťany in cooperation with the dotcom advertising agency, is launching the first advertising campaign in Slovakia, the visuals for which were created by artificial intelligence in less than 20 seconds.

A series of generated festival posters, spots, and posts show the emotions experienced by Cinematik visitors sitting in the cinema halls.

Seemingly simple visuals are a bit strange at second glance, sometimes even scary. We were a little taken aback when the agency presented them to us. But in a good way. Even festival films often play with the audience’s expectations and end differently than it seemed at the beginning- “Peter Konečný, a member of the program board of Cinematik, described his feelings.

“Films are about emotions and experiencing them, the film festival is actually a festival of emotions. To present them, we used something that will never experience emotions. Artificial intelligence. And if it could envy us people, it certainly wouldn’t help itself. That’s the simplicity and the beauty of this look at the campaign for Cinematik.”Roj & Dvorecky, creative directors of dotcom advertising agency. 

The visuals were generated by OpenAI DALL·E 2 – a new artificial intelligence system that can create realistic or stylized images based on a description entered in natural language. It can combine different concepts, attributes, and styles.

“While experimenting with Dall-e, we were excited that AI, which can create perfect images of knitted animals, designer chairs, or historical photos of T-Rex riders, has a problem with faithfully visualizing ordinary emotions.” – describes the campaign creation process Marek Szold, Art Director at dotcom advertising.

September 13-16, 2022, the international film festival in Piešťany – CINEMATIK 2022 will open its doors for the 17th time. Lovers of high-quality cinematography will enjoy more than a hundred full-length and short films during six days of the festival and experience a film marathon full of many emotions. Visitors to the festival can look forward to a high-quality film program, prestigious film competitions, anticipated premieres, and a diverse line-up of Slovak and foreign guests.