Jaime Rosales to personally accept the Respect Award

9. August 2015

Jaime Rosales is a successor of the European auteur film tradition. As his sources of influence he cites Robert Bresson and Pier Paolo Pasolini, but at the same time Rosales remains an author with his own style difficult to categorize. His work is consistent, yet always searching for new possibilities. That is why he regularly screens his films at the Cannes Film Festival, in sections devoted to courageous and inovative films.

Cinematik will not only screen all five Jaime Rosales’s feature films, but will welcome him at the festival as well. The director had received carte blanche to select 4 films that are permanently inspiring him and that will help the viewers to categorize his work within a broader context of European cinema.

The section Spain Magnified: Catalonia is organized in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain, Generalitat de Catalunya, and the Catalan Films & TV.

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Movies at section Respect: Jamie Rosales:

  • The Hours of the Day (Las horas del día; 2003)
  • Solitary Fragments (La soledad; 2007)
  • Bullet in the Head (Tiro en la cabeza; 2008)
  • Dream and Silence (Sueño y silencio; 2012)
  • Beautiful Youth (Hermosa juventud; 2014)

Jaime Rosales carte blanche movies:

  • Summer with Monika (Sommaren med Monika; d. Ingmar Bergman)
  • Viridiana (d. Luis Buñuel)
  • Pickpocket (d. Robert Bresson)
  • Ivan’s Childhood (d. Andrei Tarkovsky)