Directors duo retrospective – Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne

31. July 2017

This years’ Cinematik will focus on Belgian cinema and will also offer a retrospective by the director brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, who are well-known representatives of the world’s social drama. The brothers have established their own stylized craft on worshiping of the principles of so called “true cinema,” which doesn’t fictionalize life, it only captures it.

Cinematik will offer in the Respect section their newly digitally restoredifilms, as well as their unique works, which are rarely shown. In addition to other works such as Unknown Girl, Two Days, One Night, or Boy on a Bicycle, it will return to more ancient history. The section will bring films such as the documentary Pour que la guerre s´acheve a R… Be repond plus. The festival will also present first feature titles by well-known filmmakers, a film Falsch, featuring an impressive story set during the Second World War will be shown among them. It is an adaptation of the play of the same name by a Belgian playwright of Polish origin. The award-winning The Silence of Lorna, or an older title The Promise, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, won’t be missed either.