Corsage, Avec amour et acharnement, Metsurin tarina – Cinematik will present dozens of films from A-list festivals

18. August 2022

August 18, 2022

The Artistic Director’s Selection section, overseen by Vladimír Štric, has traditionally been a reliable source of first-class film experiences at Cinematik. This year, we will once again see seven exceptional international films that have already succeeded in the programme of various foreign festivals. For Slovak viewers, however, these are mostly new films that have not yet been screened in our country.

One of these films will be Corsage (2022), a biographical historical drama by Austrian director Maria Kreutzer, which reveals the private life and personality of Elisabeth of Bavaria. Her acting representative, Vicky Krieps, won the Un certain regard award from Cannes for her performance.

Lovers of French cinematography will certainly be pleased with director Claire Denis’ new Avec amour et acharnement (2022). Juliette Binoche starred as a woman trapped in a love triangle. The director won the Silver Bear for the best director from the Berlinale festival for the film.

The film Metsurin tarina (2022) is an original Nordic comedy about the search for the meaning of life in the most difficult situations. Finnish poet and filmmaker Mikko Myllylahti exposes the always positive woodcutter Pepe to a series of unfortunate events that push him into an unexpected existential crisis. The film premiered at this year’s Cannes festival.

Mothering Sunday (2021) is also a representative of British cinema. It is a romantic historical drama from the interwar period. The story is centered around a maid unhappily in love with a young man from a rich family. Odessa Young, Olivia Colman and Colin Firth starred in the film directed by Eva Husson.

On the contrary, the film Neighbors (2021) invites viewers to Syrian Kurdistan. In the story, director Mano Khalil tells the story of little Ser, who grows up in the 80s of the 20th century in the oppressive atmosphere of a dictatorial regime. He is trying to transform his community into pan-Arab socialists – for example, by spreading hatred towards the local Jews. However, Sero has friends among them.

The last film from the Artistic Director’s Selection section is Blessed Brothers (La santa piccola, 2021) by Italian director Silvia Brunelli. The drama about the friendship of two boys, whose fate unexpectedly takes them in different directions, caught the attention of critics at festivals in Venice and Rome.