Cinematik.dco 2015 hosts 3 premierss

19. August 2015

Competitive section of Slovak documentary films Cinematik.doc is an inseparable part of this year’s festival in Piešťany. Exclusivity of the current year is promised by premieres of three Slovak documentaries.

Ladislav Kaboš, whose film All My Children was competing for Cinematik.doc Award last year, will present his new documentary Colours of the Sand. The film follows a Slovak woman that moved to Libya and converted to Islam some 20 years ago but now her quiet life is disrupted by the war.

Matej Mináč, director of successful films about late Nicholas Winton, is also going to compete for main prize. He will present his documentary Through the Eyes of the Photographer, a portrait of his mother, an important photographer Zuzana Mináčová. In the film we get to know her not only as a representative of new wave in Slovak photography, but we also find out about her personal life as well as her experience of walking with a yellow badge during World War II…

Audience will also be able as to see a premiere of feature debut by Bibiana Beňová and Michael Kaboš. Their film Ghosts tells a story of one military base in Czech Republic and its inhabitants thus creating a portrait of 20th century.

9 films will compete for Cinematik.doc – Literary Fund Award and a 600 € grant: Colours of the Sand (r. Ladislav Kaboš), Ghosts (d. Bibiana Beňová, Michael Kaboš), Milan Čorba (d. Martin Šulík), Okinawa – Slovakia, The Way of Karate (d. Anton Szomolányi), Return to the Burning House (d. Anna Grusková), So Far, So Near (d. Jaro Vojtek), Suri (d. Pavol Barabáš), Through the Eyes of the Photographer (r. Matej Mináč), and wave vs shore (d. Martin Štrba).

The jury consists of Slovak criitc and scholar Martin Palúch, Czech filmmaker Eva Tomanová, and Polish scholar and filmmaker based in Paris Ania Szczepanska.