At Cinematik you will also see numerous films with a taste of optimism and hope

26. August 2019

If you are falling into depression while watching current socio-political events, be sure not to miss out on films in Cinematik’s Hope section. Although they cover a wide range of genres and themes, they unite by their ability to discover light even at the end of the darkest tunnel, so the viewer can draw positive energy and optimism out of them.

Under the caption of this section we will also present the opening film Cinematik, Richard Linkalater’s Where´d You Go by Bernadette (2019). Cate Blanchett portrays a woman who, after years of stagnation, finds her own creativity, courage and ambition.

Or also the latest movie by Agnieszka Holland Mr.Jones (2019), a biographical drama about a Welsh journalist who helped to unmask the utopia of Stalin’s Russia when he was the first one in the Western world to report on its famine. The film about a forgotten hero, which also inspired the literary work of George Orwell, had its world premiere in the main competition at the Berlinale, featuring James Norton and Peter Sarsgaard.

Another movie to be found in the Hope section is the American comedy Late Night (2019). Emma Thompson, as a famous presenter, struggles with the phenomenon of gender correctness, which suddenly turnes against her.

Humor is also to be found in the German-Azerbaijani movie The Bra (2018). It is a stylized paraphrase of the classic Cinderella story, where the royal palace was replaced by a train and the slipper was replaced by a lost blue bra.

The feature debut of Austrian documentary filmmaker Andreas Horvath Lillian (2019) is an original road-movie about a young Russia who has exceeded the validity of her American visa and who decides to simply walk back home across the American continent.

The wandering theme is also crucial for the comedy I Love My Mum (2018), in which a mother and son by mistake get from London to Morocco still in their pajamas. Their journey back home will become an opportunity to repair the injustices they feel towards each other. And Cinematik is once again an opportunity to meet the director of this film live – Catalan filmmaker Alberto Sciamma will be one of the festival guests.

The Hope section is complemented by the Russian existential drama Acid (2018), which portrays the search of a bunch of people in their twenties from broken families for the meaning of their own lives; Ecuadorian thriller The Longest Night (2019) with a heroine trying to break free from a trafficking network; and a Norwegian documentary TheMen’sRoom (2018) focusing on members of a choir, which has to cope with the preparations for the greatest performance of its career as its conductors death approaches.

The 14th edition of Cinematik Internation Film Festival will take place from 10th – 15th of September 2019 in Piešťany.