14 reasons why you shouldn’t miss the 14th edition of Cinematik

13. August 2019

1. We are in a peaceful post-music period. The semester still hasn’t started yet and music festivals are over. A film festival has a different atmosphere and it is longer in the first place. With us you will experience the real end of summer in good company. Stages will be replaced by cinemas, bands by movies. What remains similar is the lack of sleep.

2. We have great movies and there are a lot of them. In 10 sections we offer nearly a hundred films. We have prepared absolutely new ones, but also some excursions to the past. With movie introductions and passionate discussions. We try to prepare Cinematik in a way that we would want to attend, even if it was is not our festival.

3. If you are employed don’t forget that Friday the 13th is the Day of Positive Thinking! Make it a long weekend. Consider coming to the festival on Tuesday or Wednesday and taking 2-3 days off. A superb weekend will be then inevitable.

4. Piešťany are offering a wide range of accommodation possibilities for more demanding festival goers and for students as well. Choose from one of our partner options HERE. There is also the possibility of camping. Our audience is most important to us, therefore we do our best to offer affordable accommodation options.

5. The accreditation price is set more than sympathetically, even for students. Many people think that persuading a band to attend a music festival is much harder than getting a movie to a film festival. It’s not like that. Our stages are the cinema venues, and our headliners are the movies that we are introducing at the festival. Some of them took weeks and even months of negotiation.

6. We don’t offer only movies, but also accompanying events, concerts, discussions, night entertainment and many meetings of people from the film community. Cinematik will be spaced around several places in Piešťany and this also applies to the accompanying events.

7. If you are not able to catch up on the course of events in the film world in detail all year round, Cinematik offers a really interesting review of the most important events of the past months. In a few days, you can catch up on everything you missed, whilst discovering movies and filmmakers you maybe didn’t even know about. Our movie package may last until the end of the year.

8. The people behind the festivals are not hiding somewhere in a hotel room, but you can meet us during the festival period in the cinemas. We enjoy meeting and discussing with our visitors. Cinematik has a specific approach to visitors at the domestic film festival scene and we thankfully listen to every opinion, praise and criticism.

9. Do not worry about the weather or some kind of sinister September atmosphere. None of this is true. Summer is still on, college students have holidays and employees have the right to experience a nice time in beautiful Piešťany. During the previous years we have had nice weather allowing outdoor screenings as well. And when there is rain at a film festival, no problem… the cinemas are not affected.

10. According to responses on social networks, people are particularly excited about the 14th edition of Cinematik and we are pleased to have gradually built an event, which last year welcomed 14,000 viewers in its venues, which is the largest attendance of a similar event in Slovakia taking in account the number of days and movies.

11. Enjoying Cinematik is a very simple thing to do. You purchase an accreditation that gives you access to all screenings and accompanying events. You don’t have to buy any tickets. It’s almost the same as at a music festival. Only instead of stages – there are cinemas. You can watch movies all day longs, taste good Piešťany food, discuss what you have seen, dance at night in our tent or enjoy a concert.

12. The spa town of Piesťany is simply the most beautiful in September. Cafes, parks, cinemas… everything comes to life with visitors of Cinematik. The combination of people who love film with fascinating Piešťany is the real festival atmosphere that we strive for.

13. This year’s Cinematik will also take a closer look at the new Portuguese cinema, offering a retrospective of award-winning director and screenwriter Joao Pedro Rodrigues. Also do not miss out on the competition sections Meeting Point Europe and Cinematik.doc, the night section Cult & Beyond and many relevant movies from festivals from around the world.

14. For some of you, this will be the first time at Cinematik, and we will do our best so you enjoy the festival. You others already know that it are going to be some unforgettable six days of movies again.