The Calling

Erik Praus

The Holy Dormition Pochayiv Lavra is a mystical place. Here, three monks were freed from the trauma they had suffered in the past; this is where they find inner peace and a sense of purpose to life. Their stories are metaphors of transformation, enlightenment and spiritualisation against the backdrop of the raw Ukrainian reality. The spiritual and material poverty and despair found in the world create a strong socio-anthropological conflict. The film observes the life of the monks respectfully but also shows the ostentatious beauty of the monastery. People should focus on their soul to discover and comprehend the meaning of the things that are significant for life. Spiritual life is not a privilege accorded to the chosen devout, but it is open for every human being that hears the “calling”. There is always an opportunity for transformation, a new beginning.

SK, 2019, 70 min.; ua / sk tit


Erik Praus


Erik Praus


Peter Kováč


Peter Harum


David Kollár


Filmpark production