Swedes from the Slum

Katarína Farkašová

Some children have two parents, some have four. Two biological parents and two adoptive ones. The biological parents gave children their genetic make-up, the adoptive ones raised and prepared them for life. But which set of parents have influenced them more? Alex, Christofer and Erik are Slovak Roma who were adopted into Sweden in the 1990s. The film follows their journey back to Slovakia to visit their biological parents and to find answers to their questions: Who are we? Where are we from and why did our biological parents give us up? Do we look like them? On this journey, the camera records sometimes funny, sometimes emotional moments full of humanity.

SK, 2018, 72 min.; sk, en, se / sk tit


Katarína Farkašová


Katarína Farkašová


Katarína Farkašová, Viera Bačíková, Martin Čech, Noro Hudec


Zuzana Cséplő


Aliancia žien Slovenska