Ghost Stories

Andy Nyman, Jeremy Dyson

Sceptical professor Phillip Goodman is in the business of debunking seemingly supernatural events. But three unexplained cases fall into his hands, and the moment he begins to solve them, he finds himself caught in a terrifying spiral of horror. Just because someone doesn’t believe in ghosts doesn’t mean the ghosts don’t believe in him. Or perhaps that they don’t even exist. One such sceptic is Professor Phillip Goodman, who has made it his mission to explain and debunk seemingly supernatural phenomena and discover their true nature. And it is because of this that he is contacted by a man who challenges him to investigate three unexplained cases. So Professor Goodman embarks on a quest to find a rational explanation for these supernatural stories.

UK, 2017, 98 min.; en / cz tit


Andy Nyman, Jeremy Dyson


Jeremy Dyson, Andy Nyman


Ole Bratt Birkeland


Billy Sneddon


Haim Frank Ilfman


Andy Nyman, Martin Freeman, Alex Lawther, Paul Whitehouse, Paul Warren


CinemArt SK