White on White

Viera Čákanyová

The documentary is director’s video diary that she kept while staying at the Polish Antarctic station, where in 2017 she shot the film FREM (2019), whose main character was an artificial neural network. During her stay, the author chats with various artificial intelligences, leading conversations that touch on the nature of film, art and the meaning of life while also revealing a way of thinking that is free from humanity and from an emotionality that forces deep introspection. The film captures the struggle with one’s own body and mind in extreme conditions.

SK, 2020, 74 min.; sk, en / sk tit


Viera Čákanyová


Viera Čákanyová


Viera Čákanyová, Tomáš Klein, Dominik Jursa


Viera Čákanyová, Marek Šulík


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