Rike embodies a typical Western model of happiness and success. She is educated, confident, determined and committed. We see Rike’s everyday life, as an emergency doctor, before she fulfils a long-held dream and sails out to sea alone in her sailing boat. But her dream holiday is quickly broken off on the high seas, when, after a storm, she finds herself near a stricken fishing boat. Around a hundred people are about to drown. Rike follows maritime law and radios for help. As her request is going nowhere, she is forced to make a momentous decision.


DE/AT, 2018; 94 min.; en, de / en sub / sk tit, Žáner:

Réžia: Wolfgang Fischer

Scenár: Wolfgang Fischer, Ika Künzel | Kamera: Benedict Neuenfels | Strih: Monika Willi | Hrajú: Susanne Wolff, Gedion Oduor Wekesa, Alexander Beyer, Inga Birkenfeld


  • piatok 14. 9.
  • 17:00
  • House of Arts

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