Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

When a Mexican land baron puts a million dollars on the head of the man who seduced his daughter, two money-hungry men recruit a small-town bartender, Bennie, to help them do their dirty work. He sets off with his girlfriend Elita on a tequila-fueled road trip across the desolate Mexican frontier, which grows more intense, gruesome and bloody with every savage murder they leave in their wake.

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia

MX/US, 1974; 112 min.; en, es / cz tit, Žáner:

Réžia: Sam Peckinpah

Scenár: Gordon T. Dawson, Sam Peckinpah | Kamera: Álex Phillips Jr. | Strih: Dennis Dolan, Sergio Ortega, Robbe Roberts | Hudba: Jerry Fielding | Hrajú: Warren Oates, Isela Vega, Robert Webber, Gig Young, Helmut Dantine, Emilio Fernández


  • streda 12. 9.
  • 23:00
  • Fontana Cinema

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