Side Event – ASK masterclass – camera work in documentary films

31. August 2021

The topic of ASK_Masterclass, which we organize at the Cinematik IFF in Piešťany, will be camerawork in documentary film and will be led by director and cinematographer Miro Remo. First, we will theoretically analyze a scene from the movie At Full Throttle. Then, we will try to reconstruct it with impromptu actors and apply the newly learned methods of documentary cinematography.

How to capture the right shots during an unrepeatable event so that the film can be edited well. Learn to improvise so that the cinematographer/documentary filmmaker can get out of any complicated situation. Pay attention to natural light and use it to your advantage. For all this, we will use “hi-end” cameras and lenses from Canon. This and a lot more will be part of ASK_Masterclass.

ASK_Masterclass – 18 September 2021 from 10am to 3pm | Elektrárňa Piešťany

Maximum number of atendees is 25. You can find the SIGNUP FORM for the festival visitors here.