Wojciech Smarzowski

The story begins in 1939, taking place in a village in the Volhynia region inhabited by Ukrainians, Poles and Jews, just before the outbreak of the Second World War. A young Polish girl, Zosia Głowacka, falls in love with a young Ukrainian boy, Petro, coming from the same village. However, her parents marry her to a much older Polish widower and village administrator, Maciej Skiba. When the war begins, Maciej is conscripted to the Polish Army to fight against the Germans. When the campaign is lost, Maciej and the other survivors try to return to their homes. On their way back, they are captured by the Ukrainians, tortured and killed. In the meantime, lonely and pregnant Zosia is forced to escape from the occupied village and save her own life and the lives of her children.

PL, 2016, 150 min.; ru, yi, de, pl, uk / en sub / sk tit


Wojciech Smarzowski


Wojciech Smarzowski


Piotr Sobociński j.


Paweł Laskowski


Mikołaj Trzaska


Michalina Łabacz, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Wasyl Wasylik, Adrian Zaremba, Jacek Braciak, Tomasz Sapryk


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